Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of NSW

NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) SUPPORT: If you have any emerging operational concerns or queries in relation to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) you can contact the AH&MRC team via email at covid19@ahmrc.org.au or phone on 02 9212 4777. If you feel unwell and think you may have symptoms of COVID-19 please contact Health Direct Helpline on 1800 022 222 (FREE CALL) and speak with registered nurses who are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. For the latest information on COVID – 19 please visit the Department of Health COVID-19 and NSW Health COVID-19 websites.


Background -The AH&MRC has been funded by Prime Minister and Cabinet (PMC) to strengthen the capacity of the Social and Emotional Well-being (SEWB) workforce and to promote holistic approaches to wellbeing for Aboriginal people and communities.

Objectives/Outcomes – To support professional development and provide/increase foundational knowledge and skills to increase the capacity of the workforce to provide:

  • Individual counselling, SEWB support and group therapy
  • Case management and referral
  • Cultural healing, including healing camps
  • Community engagement, outreach
  • Promotion, advocacy and partnerships
  • Family tracing, research and reunions
  • SEWB support and/or counselling
  • Outreach support, referral and liaison
  • AOD residential and non-residential rehabilitation services



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