The AH&MRC’s Public Health and Intelligence and Sector Support units have been instructed by our Board of Directors and Member Services to consider four key strategies in all activities that we undertake to drive sustainable, holistic and culturally strong approaches to redressing health inequities for Aboriginal peoples in NSW:

  1. Strengthen the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS) sector to maintain and further develop a strong infrastructure
  2. Strengthen the broader health system to provide accessible, responsive and culturally safe care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  3. Deliver high-quality expertise and advice at a national level
  4. Support ACCHS’s and maintain health systems to close the gap

As the lead agency for ACCHSs in NSW, the AH&MRC is committed to supporting ACCHS sector and mainstream organisations to improve Aboriginal health outcomes through policy, planning and strategic consultation. We embrace innovative action and prioritise a strength-based approach that showcases the many successes of our Member Services.

The AH&MRC is proud to have dedicated, passionate and skilled staff working across a range of programs and projects. We are grateful for our multiple partners and stakeholders who work alongside us to ensure Aboriginal community control informs collaborative action and addresses the following sector priorities:

  • Communication and engagement
  • Education and workforce
  • Data, research and evidence
  • Strategic advice and support
  • Governance and management
Public Health and Intelligence

Public Health and Intelligence

AH&MRC’s Public Health and Intelligence Team is devoted to working in partnership with ACCHSs, government and non-government agencies to improve health outcomes for the Aboriginal people of New South Wales.

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Sector Support

Sector Support

AH&MRC’s Sector Support Unit is comprised of dedicated Sector Support Officers who deliver a range of programs and activities to strengthen the capability of NSW ACCHSs. We endeavor to assist, educate, train, fund and resource our ACCHSs to meet sector demands.

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