Professional Learning

If you are interested in building your skills and knowledge in a particular area relating to your work in Indigenous health, then a professional learning course is a great fit for you.

Professional learning courses do not attach to any Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points, however, they can form a part of the evidence to support a Recognition of prior learning (RPL) application for further education.

AH&MRC’s online learning platform has been designed to facilitate nationally recognised and professional learning courses.  The online learning platform caters to the needs of our Member Services and the wider community. The platform showcases a variety of easily accessible online courses, educational tools and resources across all areas of Aboriginal health. With a focus on increasing awareness, upskilling the workforce and supporting ongoing development, the platform offers users the opportunity to explore a range of important topics, relevant to their own interests and experiences.

AH&MRC’s online learning platform is now online, please click on the button below to access it.