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General Account

Funds are available to meet specific emergency needs of Aboriginal Communities in consultation with the Board of the AH&MRC.

Donate to windsurfing the Murray river


Windsurfing Rod McEwin has undertaken a voyage, in several stages, windsurfing the Murray River from source to the sea.

Donations to this fund, which has a goal of $24,000, are to be spent on Aboriginal Communities on the Murray.

Visit Rod's website:

Donate to scholar ships


Contributing partners will be remembered for their contribution to the future of Aboriginal health. This is an opportunity to be part of an outstanding and exciting Aboriginal community initiative – a chance for all of us to make a real difference.

You now have the opportunity to make a substantive contribution to the work of the Aboriginal Health College through endowments, scholarships and donations.

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What we do

The Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of New South Wales (AH&MRC) is the peak body for Aboriginal Health in NSW and is comprised of over 60 Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations throughout the state.The AH&MRC provides vital health and health related services to Aboriginal communities in NSW.

Some facts

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There are absolutely no management fees or charges under any spurious names.
100% of donations go to the Gift Fund.
Bank and Audit fees are covered by the AH&MRC Secretariat

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Donations over two dollars ($2.00) are Tax Deductible.

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