National agreement on closing the gap

AH&MRC joined the Coalition of Peaks because Governments have failed to achieve equality in health and life outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We want to represent the ACCHSs sector on Closing the Gap negotiations and are proud to stand with a group of nearly 50 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people delivering services to our people.

After years of lobbing to give First Nations people an equal voice in matters that affect their lives and futures, the Coalition of Peaks signed a historic National Agreement with Governments on Closing the Gap.

The National Agreement sets out a new way of working together between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and Governments. It is the first time a National Agreement about First Nations people has been negotiated in partnership with First Nations people.

The National Agreement has four Priority Reforms to help Governments do more to achieve improved life outcomes for First Nations people. Broadly they are;

  1. Shared decision making
  2. Strengthening the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community-Controlled Sector
  3. Improving government mainstream institutions to make them accountable for Close the Gap targets and address structural racism
  4. Ensure First Nations people can access and have the capability to use data and information to monitor, and inform their own programs

Highlights of the new National Agreement can be found here.

The full National Agreement on Closing the Gap is available on the Coalition of Peaks’ website.

We would like to acknowledge the ongoing work of Pat Turner AM, Lead Convener of the Coalition of Peaks, fellow members of the Coalition of Peaks and our Communities for making a difference today, for the health and future of our people tomorrow.