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The 2012 A-TRAC Symposium Smoke Free Futures delivered an array of community controlled programs and provided an update on current tobacco resistance and control activities from NSW and around the country.

A massive THANK YOU to all who attended and to those who gave their time to present their work.

Smoke Free Futures aimed to bring together Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS) staff interested in discussing a broad range of initiatives to encourage the integration of tobacco control activities into the ACCHS comprehensive model of care. To continue to momentum and energy from the Symposium the presentations are available for download.

Day 1 (32mb)

Package contains:

Presentations (PDF files)

  • Dr Tom Calma: Keynote address


  • Sethy Willie: Leading by example
  • Mary Anne Williams: Stickin it up the smokes
  • Jody Obst: Thubbo smoking cessation program
  • Angie Lonesborough: Waminda smoking cessation program


  • Harp Kalsi: AH&MRC building resiliance campaign briefing

  • Aj Williams: Mental health first aid

  • Lachlan Wright: One deadly step

  • Dr Matthew Peters: Smoking and lung disease


  • Nigel Welsh/Yeena Thompson: Tackling tobacco at Awabakal

Day 2(14mb)

Package contains:

Presentations (PDF files)


  • Panel Session with NSW Ministry of Health


  • David Lester/Liz Dwyer: Quitline enhancement project
  • Marlene Thompson: Role of workplaces in supporting health workers to quit

  • Brad Brown/Kulan Barney: Smoke free mob

  • Megan Passey/Sue Rogers: Stop smoking in its tracks program

  • Cassandra Fletcher/Colin Mitchell: Tobacco worker data - A summary or findings


  • Melissa Romeo: Discussing NRT in plain language with clients

  • Prof Nick Zwar: Medicines to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People stop smoking

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