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AH&MRC Tobacco Resistance and Control (A-TRAC) Program

logo_program_atracOver many years, the AH&MRC has been developing, delivering and evaluating culturally appropriate programs and resources in tobacco resistance and control under the A-TRAC program.

The goal of the A-TRAC Program is to contribute to reduced smoking rates for Aboriginal people in NSW with the primary approach taken being the integration of tobacco control and smoking cessation activities into the ACCHS model of comprehensive primary health care.

The three primary objectives have been identified to contribute towards this goal, namely to:

  1. Shift community attitudes away from the belief that smoking is normal
  2. Increase the capacity of NSW Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services [ACCHSs] to undertake tobacco resistance and control activities
  3. Develop new, and strengthen existing partnerships with key stakeholders

A few key achievements from the A-TRAC program include: developing the Kick the Habit social marketing campaign, delivering the Aboriginal Tobacco Resistance Toolkit resource and support workshops; and establishing and maintaining a diverse range of relationships with organisations and key staff working in the area of tobacco resistance and control.

More recently, the AH&MRC has worked collaboratively with NSW Ministry of Health (MoH) and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) to develop the ATRAC Framework. The ATRAC Framework identifies relevant evidence, key principles and aims to encourage best practice approaches to addressing smoking in Aboriginal communities and support the planning, integration and coordination of Aboriginal tobacco resistance and control.

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Recent Activities

Aboriginal Tobacco Resistance Tool Kit

The Aboriginal Tobacco Resistance Tool Kit was developed to meet the growing need for practical support around tobacco resistance and control by Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHSs) in NSW.

The AH&MRC tobacco resistance and control (A-TRAC) team developed the kit in consultation with ACCHSs to ensure the resource addressed their needs in the workplace.

Kick the Habit Social Marketing Campaign

In 2010, the AH&MRC ran a pilot program called Kick the Habit, a tobacco cessation social marketing campaign within six communities in NSW. This campaign included the development of films and other resources to increase awareness of smoking cessation options and reduce the prevalence of smoking in Aboriginal communities. From that Kick the Habit Phase 2 was initiated. 3 ACCHS within NSW nominated themselves to be involved with phase 2.


What's on!

Ethics Committee Meeting
Ethics Committee
Mon 1st Aug, 10:00am - Mon 1st Aug, 4:00pm, 2016
Ethics Committee Meeting
Ethics Committee
Mon 10th Oct, 10:00am - Mon 10th Oct, 4:00pm, 2016
Ethics Committee Meeting
Ethics Committee
Mon 12th Dec, 10:00am - Mon 12th Dec, 4:00pm, 2016

The ATRAC Framework

ATRAC Framework

A Strategic Framework for Aboriginal Tobacco Resistance and Control in NSW

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Yarning Tool

ATRAC Yarning Tool

The Yarning Tool is a practical resource to support ACCHSs in tobacco control efforts


Aboriginal Tobacco Resistance Tool Kit

Aboriginal Tobacco Resistance Tool Kit


A guide to organising a smoke free community event

Fact sheet PDF + Guide PDF (3mb | .ZIP)

AH&MRC of NSW Annual Report year ended 30 June 2015

AHMRC Annual Report 2015


Doin it' Right!

An Aboriginal Sexual Reproductive Health Resource Kit