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ADAN (Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Network of NSW)

Background to Program

ADAN was established in 2003 as a result of a recommendation from the Talking about Grog summit held in 2002. ADAN members are made of Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Workers from Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHSs), Local Health Districts (LHDs), Non Government Organisations (NGOs) and the private sector from across NSW as well as some members from the ACT. The AH&MRC is funded by the NSW Health Ministry of Health through the Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office (MHDAO) as well as contributory funding from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to assist with the annual ADAN Symposium.

MHDAO funds the AH&MRC to employ the ADAN Project Officer to support the ADAN network, to facilitate the ADAN Leadership Group and to coordinate the annual ADAN Symposium. Key functions of the ADAN Project Officer and Leadership Group include:

  • Development and implementation of an annual, state-wide ADAN Symposium Regular coordination and support of the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Network To provide professional and cultural support.
  • To provide opportunities for Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol workers skills development.
  • To provide advice and expertise on a number of key NSW Health Ministry plans and programs
  • To Facilitate a Forum for Managers of Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Workers.

ADAN Leadership Group

The ADAN Leadership Group was formed to guide the activities of ADAN, represent ADAN members at a state-wide level, and provide advice to the Mental Health & Drug & Alcohol Office (MHDAO) on Aboriginal drug & alcohol workforce issues.


Become a Member

To register as a member of ADAN, please follow the below link:

Membership Criteria

Full Membership:

  1. Aboriginality (the term Aboriginal is used in NSW & includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people), and
  2. Holding a specific drug and alcohol role providing services in NSW (ACT included). *Please note that if a worker moves out of a drug and alcohol role they will no longer be a full member.

Associate Membership:

  1. Non-Aboriginal workers who work in a specific AOD role and primarily with Aboriginal clients and or communities, or
  2. Aboriginal workers who work in a related role e. g. mental health, that also work across the drug and alcohol sector.


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Recent Activities / Links

The 11th ADAN Symposium

The ADAN Leadership Group and AH&MRC, will be hosting the 11th NSW Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Network (ADAN) Symposium this year in Bathurst. The Symposium will be held on the 21-23 October 2014 (The 23/10/14 will be a 1/2 day for full members only).

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State & National peak Committees and Organisations

Information Hotlines

  • ADIS - Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) phone 02 9361 8000 or 1800 422 599
  • DASAS - Drug & Alcohol Specialist Advisory Service

Education and Training

What's on!

Ethics Committee Meeting
Ethics Committee
Mon 1st Aug, 10:00am - Mon 1st Aug, 4:00pm, 2016
Ethics Committee Meeting
Ethics Committee
Mon 10th Oct, 10:00am - Mon 10th Oct, 4:00pm, 2016
Ethics Committee Meeting
Ethics Committee
Mon 12th Dec, 10:00am - Mon 12th Dec, 4:00pm, 2016

Aboriginal Tobacco Resistance Tool Kit

Aboriginal Tobacco Resistance Tool Kit



A Practical Guide to Clinical Supervision Video

This short video is aimed at the managers and CEOs of SEWB and AOD staff who work with Aboriginal people.