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The NSW Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Network (ADAN)

Background to Program

ADAN was established in 2003 as a result of a recommendation from the Talking about Grog summit held in 2002. ADAN members are made of Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Workers from Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, Area Health Services and Non Government Organisations from across NSW. The AH&MRC is funded by NSW Health through Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office (MHDAO) and OATSIH to assist with funding for the annual ADAN Symposium.

The AH&MRC employs the ADAN Project Officer to support the ADAN network, to facilitate the ADAN Leadership Group and to coordinate the annual ADAN Symposium.

Program aims

  • To facilitate the annual ADAN Symposium
  • To provide a forum for Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol workers across NSW to network, share information and resources.
  • To provide professional and cultural support.
  • To provide opportunities for Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol workers skills development.
  • To provide advice and expertise on a number of key NSW Health plans and programs
  • To Facilitate a Forum for Managers of Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Workers.


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Recent Activities / Links

The 10th ADAN Symposium

The 10th Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Network (ADAN) Symposium is going to be held on the 15th 17th October, 2013. More information will be distributed shortly.

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AHC courses

The Aboriginal Health College has a Certificate IV in Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol For more information about drug and alcohol use in Aboriginal communities, please go to:

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What's on!

AH&MRC Chronic Disease Conference 2014 (Sydney)
Chronic Disease
Tue 6th May, 9:00am - Wed 7th May, 3:00pm, 2014
Ethics Committee Meeting
Ethics Committee
Mon 2nd Jun, 10:00am - Mon 2nd Jun, 4:00pm, 2014
Ethics Committee Meeting
Ethics Committee
Mon 4th Aug, 10:00am - Mon 4th Aug, 4:00pm, 2014
Ethics Committee Meeting
Ethics Committee
Mon 13th Oct, 10:00am - Mon 13th Oct, 4:00pm, 2014
Ethics Committee Meeting
Ethics Committee
Mon 8th Dec, 10:00am - Mon 8th Dec, 4:00pm, 2014

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