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The local aboriginal community in the area surrounding Balranald, for time recognised a need for a fully operational Aboriginal Health Service to be established at Balranald. Then in approximately 1990, Balranald was listed in the National Aboriginal Health Strategy as an Aboriginal community that should have a small health clinic.

The Balranald local Aboriginal community formed a governing committee on 16th June 2001 to establish its very own Community Controlled Aboriginal Health Service, and has obtained full membership to the New South Wales Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council.

Balranald has membership to Billa Muuji regional health networks and recently have a partnership with Mallee Health Care Network.

Initially assistance was received from Coomealla Health Aboriginal Health Service Corporation through the provision of a health worker for one clinic per week, then in 2006, arrangements were made for Mildura Aboriginal Co- operative and Swan Hill Aboriginal Health Service to establish and auspice arrangement with Balranald Aboriginal Health Service.

The remoteness of the location requires site specific services to be made available. The scoping study, commissioned in 2008, seeks to address the requirements of the local community especially in terms of availability of a range of services locally and in terms of providing adequate facilities for these services.

Management Structure

The health service is managed by Balranald Aboriginal Health Service Incorporated, under an auspice arrangement with the Mildura Aboriginal Corporation and cooperation with Swan Hill Aboriginal Health Service. A memorandum of understanding confirming this arrangement was signed in March 2008.

The manager at Balranald Aboriginal Health Service is responsible for managing the service in a manner which meets the needs of the local Aboriginal community. Operational management issues are addressed by liaising with the manager of Swan Hill Aboriginal Health Service. Outreach clinical programs are also provided from Swan Hill service as well with Mildura Healthy for life program and the Mallee Health Care Network.

Financial management and funding agreements with the government agencies for delivery of services is undertaken by Mildura Aboriginal Corporation. Employment of staff, payroll obligations, and all staff payments are also the responsibility of Mildura Aboriginal Corporation in consultation with Balranald Aboriginal Health Service representatives.


The parties involved in management of the Balranald Health Service are:

Funding body Office for Aboriginal and Torres strait islander Health (OATSIH)
Auspice body Mildura Aboriginal Corporation
Community committee of management Balranald Aboriginal Health Service Incorporated- chairperson and committee members
Management support

Manager health services, swan hill aboriginal health service-Ken Knight

  • visiting service
  • registered nurse once a week
  • a midwifery nurse weekly
  • female health prevention
  • women's business
Chronic disease and prevention programs, dietician nurse Mildura healthy for life along the Murray manager Kala Atkins
Monitoring and counselling two days once a month Billa Muuji smoking cessation program manger- Geoff Du-toit
Specialised services

GP two days a month, dietician educator once a month, speech pathologist, mental health, physiologist
Mallee health care network & The Rural doctors network -
CEO Lydia Senior
Drug and alcohol visiting service once a month Orange Lyndon House- drug and alcohol

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