Program Coordinator (Chronic Disease) is responsible for coordinating and implementing the AH&MRC Chronic Disease Program.

The program includes a range of activities that aims broadly to improve the prevention and management of chronic disease for Aboriginal people in NSW, and to build productive organisational partnerships to achieve this aim.

To develop and distribute resources relevant to chronic disease prevention and management in a NSW Aboriginal community context.  To facilitate and support partnerships between AH&MRC/ACCHSs and other stakeholders.  To improve collaboration between government and non-government stakeholders involved in funding and delivering chronic disease services, programs and training relevant to Aboriginal people in NSW.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement all aspects of the Chronic Disease Program, in collaboration with relevant staff from partner organisations
  • Develop, coordinate, deliver and evaluate regional workshops for ACCHSs about chronic disease and related topics

Provide tailored support in chronic disease service and program development, implementation, enhancement and evaluation to individual ACCHSs through:

  • Building relationships and links with key staff and manager at each ACCHS
  • Site visits
  • Phone support

Develop communication strategies for ACCHS staff for the dissemination and exchange of information relevant to Aboriginal chronic disease

Support partner organisations in their development of resources, training and education to build Aboriginal health capacity

Collect and disseminate information on Aboriginal chronic disease services and programs,

Develop linkages with relevant NGOs

Develop and distribute resources relating to chronic disease prevention and management for Aboriginal people

Develop and undertake program evaluation activities and prepare regular reports to a number of key stakeholders including the AH&MRC Board, funding body and others

Participate in AH&MRC team and staff meetings

Participate on relevant external advisory groups and committees that aim to improve chronic disease outcomes in Aboriginal communities

About the Organisation

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services are accessible, sustainable, adequately resourced, have a skilled workforce, and meet the health needs and aspirations of Aboriginal peoples. Aboriginal peoples experience self-determination in all areas of their lives. Aboriginal peoples achieve physical, cultural, social and emotional wellbeing, and contribute to the overall health, wellbeing and strength of their communities.

The purpose of the AH&MRC is to:

    • lead the Aboriginal health agenda for better policies, programs, services, and practices
    • ensure Aboriginal knowledge informs decision-making processes
    • support, strengthen and sustain Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services.
Full Time
As per the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health service Award 2010.
30 June 2017

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